It is a privilege to serve you and I will do all I can to help with whatever need you have.   My goal is to help you help yourself thru this process, so we all can grow together.

Clients feel comfortable and understood with me due to my    strong interpersonal skills, and warm and interactive style. 

Servicing your needs is furthering a way of

strengthening my community.

I look forward to working with you

on your important journey.

Postpartum Counseling

* $75 / $30 (e-Counseling)


  • 3 month advance payments - 15% off

  • 6 month advance payments - 30% off

  • if choosing eCounseling sessions, services MUST be paid at at least 1month in advance

It's not just the "Baby Blues"...

During our primary, 12-16 weeks of counseling, the main goal is symptom relief. I tend to be fairly direct and active in the treatment, and will help to make insights regarding the sources of a new mom’s depression and/or stress.


Postpartum distress is usually rooted in four “problem areas”: 

  • 1. Grief: Acknowledging the losses that occur to sense of self, changes in relationships, or more specific loss.

  • 2. Role Transitions: Life stage transitions and social transitions including loss of independence and changing social networks.

  • 3. Interpersonal Disputes: Ones that frequently occur after the birth of a child including unmet expectations and intimacy struggles within partnerships.

  • 4. Interpersonal Deficits: Looking at struggles with attachment in other relationships that may be causing distress.

A big part of this counseling is the teaching of communication skills that assist in rebuilding relationships, stronger social support, and increased confidence that you might have altered after pregnancy/loss/stress of motherhood. We will follow a spiritual and effective course of treatment.

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