#MamaMayowaSpeaks w/ UNTOKENING DETROIT 9/2/2018

Mama Mayowa Speaks - Fridays at 9pm! guests this week will be Untokening Detroit's Shavon N. Edwards and Bree Gant! They'll be promoting next week's event, as well as speaking on all that they do! Join mama Mayowa for yet another powerful Friday night of MOTIVATION, EDUCATION, and INSPIRATION!

Watch right on the fan page, LIVE, or listen live via 910am Superstation!!

On November 11, 2018, mobility justice takes center stage at Marygrove College for the 3rd annual UNTOKENING, a community wide dialogue facilitated by local community members and elevated mobility and social justice experts performing mobility-justice advocacy in affected communities. As a direct-action to center minority, disabled, and senior citizens affected by access to quality mobility solutions, UNTOKENING holds space for community members to raise their concerns in an environment that prioritizes diversity and inclusiveness over simply the appearance of such. UNTOKENING DETROIT is the third city in as many years selected by The Untokening for its uniquely region specific challenges in meeting the transportation and transit-development needs of those living in underserved sections of otherwise celebrated and often reinvigorated cities. With this in mind, UNTOKENING DETROIT is holding space for healing dialogue in accordance with the theme From Rust Belt to Legacy: Our Collective Mobility Future, for a day long event of network building, storytelling, and discussion led by some of the brightest minds in Detroit’s social justice and business development communities.

Detroit’s unique mobility challenges are often tied to its’ historic identity as the automotive capital, but for different reasons than broadcast in the media over the last decade. The effects of the auto industry crashing and its’ originally stalled recovery since has called for many residents to reinvent how mobility is incorporated into their everyday lives, after already combating a long documented tradition of redlining practices that make the process for owning & maintaining a private vehicle inequitable. This compounded with inequitable mass-transit that complicates traveling locally and in the tri-county area create a dire situation for those who can’t afford to maintain a personal vehicle or depend on public transportation to meet their employment, educational, and nutritional needs.

Thought leaders in transit infrastructure, tourism, and environmentalism will facilitate sound-off sessions, solutions brainstorming, and transit think tanks in order to prioritize the intrinsic needs of guests in attendance while also planning practical solutions that put native residents first. To imagine the collective mobility future of Detroit and the Rust Belt region visit www.untokening.com to register for UNTOKENING DETROIT, November 11, 2018. Registration scholarships and travel stipends are available for those who need help.

Learn more about the Untokening at www.untokening.org

Shavon N. Edwards works in the ecosystem of Mobility & Innovation and Public-Private Partnerships. Her passion is serving her community by making them the center and focus of her work. She now works as a Mobility Strategist in the City of Detroit Office of Mobility Innovation where she specializes in the creation and implementation of solutions for mobility challenges Detroit residents have getting to and from work. Shavon is a resident of Detroit’s Lafayette Park and has previously worked in politics in the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas.

Bree Gant is a multidisciplinary artist from Detroit exploring Black femme adornment, ritual, and emergence. Since graduating from Howard University in 2011 with a BA in Film, Gant has traveled as a fashion, portrait, and street photographer. She has also won a Knight Arts Award and Detroit Narrative Agency Film Fellowship, and regularly speaks at artist talks and panels about mobility, imagemaking, and contemporary art. Gant is currently a Teaching Artist in Residence with Project Art, and producing and directing a series of short experimental films about care, dance, and power.


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