#MamaMayowaSpeaks next guests are Dr. Khephera Jesal and Lea Addington! 8/24

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

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On August 24th, on Mama Mayowa Speaks - Fridays at 9pm!!

We are honored to have Dr. Khephera Jesal and Lea Addington! 9pm SHARP! 910AMsuperstation.com, and we'll also be going live here, as well!

With over 40 years of teaching, research, and counseling experience in helping people find alternative routes to long-lasting health solutions, Dr. Khephera Jesal is a renowned expert in her field. The co-director of The Natural Healing Institute, a holistic center for treatment of ailments that begin in the colon, Dr. Jesal has educated thousands of clients, students and patients on the importance of colon health. Her specialties include: colon hydrotherapy, which evolved to (“inner baptism”), as well as meditative massage and nutritional counseling.

Since 1992, Dr. Jesal has facilitated a popular workshop entitled “What Have you Been Weighting For: Mind over Fatter.” The workshop helps participants experience freedom from constipation, fatigue, and bouts of diarrhea, headaches, tension, backache, irritability, obesity and depression. According to Dr. Jesal, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the side effects of gas, bad breath, body odors, chronic fatigue, skin irritations, restlessness, obesity, common ailments and loss of memory caused by constipation and toxic waste in the intestines.

UPDATE:::: watch HERE!

“Poor elimination lowers your immune system and leads to premature aging,” states Dr. Jesal, “All of these factors place unnecessary strain on the body and organs. A body that is not at ease is a body that is in a state of "disease" which compromises the quality of life.”

Well known in the Detroit religious community as a prophetic teacher and spiritual counselor, Dr. Jesal’s credits include numerous radio and television appearances, as well as community and university appearances. Sought after by clients nationally and internationally, she has published numerous articles on the promotion of health, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Dr. Jesal also self-published a cookbook guide VEGETARIAN SOUL FOOD – On the Way Back to the Garden Eatin’. Her upcoming book release, What Are You Weighting For??? Mind Over Fatter will teach readers how to eliminate unwanted weight without thinking about it.

Dr. Jesal also developed a highly sought after, hypnotherapy program which she calls, “Tell-A-Vision.” Her method of mind, body, spirit connection assists men, women and children tap into their personal power. The classes and hypnotherapy teach people to acquire and maintain healthy relationships, overcome addictive behavior patterns, and realize safe and permanent weight loss. The program has also demonstrated success in helping participants with smoking cessation, painless childbirth, regression therapy, self-esteem, memory improvement and goal accomplishment.

A highly-educated teacher and counselor, Dr. Jesal holds a Doctorate in Divinity, as well as a number of certifications including, Massage Therapy, Aqua Colon Hydrotherapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Dr. Jesal is a Member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and is a frequent volunteer in her local Detroit community.

Lea Addington is founder and owner of LIT Vegan Kitchen. "We serve Detroit with healthy plant-based, meat free, dairy free, soy free, and cruelty free meals! Our service helps Metro Detroiters achieve a sustainable, clean, and healthy plant-based diet with convenient on-the-go meals to fit their busy lifestyles.

UPDATE:::: watch HERE!

With LIT Vegan Kitchen’s assistance, our community can live more abundant lives; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Meals from our kitchen are cruelty free, soy free, organic, and locally sourced! We provide an exceptionally unique service to our clients and contribute greatly to the growing plant based dietary movement in the metro area."


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