My trip to Italy with DPSCD

After 10 days in Italy visiting Rome, The Vatican, The Coliseum, The Island of Capri, Pompei, Tuscany, San Germano, Florence and Venice, it’s SO good to be home!

52 students and 10 chaperones of DPSCD (Detroit Public Schools Community District) came, saw and conquered the streets of Italy by plane, train, bus, cable car, street car, subway, and water taxi. The lives of those in attendance will never be the same because in addition to suntans (temperatures reached 95+ degree daily), we also had lots of exercise (we walked nearly 10 miles per day), souvenirs (because you know those were bought), new relationships (8 different high schools were represented), and memories that will last forever.

These students will also receive college credit for this experience. Way to go, DPSCD!👍🏽

Don't forget:: Auditions for DSA (Detroit School of Arts) are next Tuesday, August 27th, at 10am! Click HERE for all the audition process and details, and we will see you there! Best of luck to ALL of our future ACHIEVERS!

- mama Mayowa / Dr. Mayowa Lisa Reynolds,

Principal, DSA - Detroit School of Arts

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