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Dr. Mayowa Lisa Reynolds

Detroit School of Arts


DETROIT, August 27, 2018 - Greetings, everyone. After 20 plus years in education, my path was diverted and took a slight turn. Beginning at Aisha Shule/Web Dubois Prep. Academy School with a strong foundation in African Centered pedagogy, continuing my journey as an arts educator at the Detroit School of Arts, then in administration in both K-8 and high school, it was the leadership of Principal, Mrs. Lisa Phillips, who offered me an opportunity to contribute my time and talent at Cass Technical High School for the past three years. Cass Tech is an institution where I found joy, excellence, and community engagement. I had the honor of teaching at an exemplary school to amazing students under the direction of an outstanding administration. I will miss the partnerships and collaborations with my colleagues, which were many. I will also miss the organizational flow and support from the entire school community who worked on behalf of its children.

I will mostly miss my students. Many of the students had no experience, and took a chance with me to blossom as artists and scholars. I always enjoyed my advance team of amazing dancers who shined no matter the occasion, and competed with themselves to attain and maintain an academic 4.0. You all have enriched my life. The parents' support also made life’s challenges much easier. For all of these things and more, I say with a heart filled with gratitude, thank you.

As of Monday, August 27, 2018, I will embark on a new chapter in my career, and work to build a lasting legacy through arts education at the Detroit School of Arts as their new principal. I look forward to analyzing the current data, as well as accessing the needs while building on past successes. My goal is to continue creating a sustainable future. I recognize this will not be done alone, but instead through strong partnerships and collaborations with all stakeholders. However, I do recognize my role and responsibility as the leader, and I hold myself accountable for the task at hand.

I am very excited about the direction of the district, especially after many years of organizing for an elected and empowered school board. I also recognize the need for educationally competent and responsive leadership. I thank Dr. Vitti and his administration for the intense vetting process. It made me stronger and further more clear about my intentions, abilities and vision. I look forward to what we all can accomplish together on behalf of our students.

“Pu Mo Ja Tu Ta Shinga; Together We Will Win!”


"mama Mayowa"

Dr. Mayowa Lisa Reynolds

Principal, Detroit School of Arts (DSA)



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