B Touched w/ Brittney Nzingah

"Daughter, Granddaughter, Mother, Sister, Niece, Friend, Therapist, and Business owner are all titles I balance in life. Moving forward I am committing myself to B Touched. This is the vision of a wellness solution where I offer holistic and natural care in spirit with the African traditions that strengthened people, families, villages, and dynasties for centuries.

(filmed and edited by Lumumba Reynolds of STUDIO LUMUMBA)

I began a journey in massage therapy because of my interest and appreciation of the art. What began as a curiosity has grown into my purpose. Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Emotional wellness is what I give through therapy. This also heals my spirit and mind keeping me in tune with purpose. Massage Therapy is an art form. The values of massage therapy have led to healing illness, disease, and extending life. Americans today have embraced natural sciences more and more. These trends recognized as popular have African traditions that are deeply rooted in our culture. The audience of people needing new approaches to healing in our over medicated society is shocking. This welcomes an abundance of people who seek my talent and skill. B Touched is the business in which providing wellness through therapy is the purpose. As I blossom and bring to life this vision I welcome you all to join me in business. This opportunity will give to our community, our people, and share with me a resource that’s heightening the quality of life for us all. To successfully connect the value of the natural wellness we can offer together we must work together. American society has the idea that massage therapy is best provided outside of a Black woman, founded outside of Africa, and business & family are not successfully interwoven. These are all concepts we will rebuke together starting today. The resources needed to begin B Touched are in abundance. The most vital is our belief that we can give this necessary good to our people independently and through love.

Growing B Touched takes a collective effort where your support is heightens success. The introductory step in growing B Touched starts with you. I insist upon you scheduling an appointment and receiving my wellness therapy. The benefits associated with this will help you recognize the need and urgency for this throughout our community. My purpose needs to be shared amongst us all; crossing genders, ages, backgrounds, and conditions. It’s essential you experience B Touched to welcome more of our collective family to receive healing and wellness throughout our community. Though I will purchase marketing materials, use social media, and advertise, your first-hand accounts about what my business and services did for your health will be the way B Touched will make an impact.

The costs associated with growing B Touched will be securing a conducive and effective location for my business. Your assistance in this search is appreciated. Additionally structural costs, marketing costs, and developmental costs are assets that will grow my brand.

Thank you for your support and consideration. I look forward to your appointment and later partnership in business. In May I will be providing you a full investment or granting plan for B Touched."

- Brittney Nzingah Gillespie, B Touched founder, and the eldest child of Dr. Mayowa Lisa Reynolds

313) 953-3237 / $Btouched520


B Touched Services (click HERE for application)

Full Service Massage $ 105 (60 minutes)

Quick Service Massage $ 65 (30 minutes)

Schedule your massage for

Saturday April 13, 2019 10am – 6pm or

Sunday April 14, 2019 12pm – 8pm

*Appointments made on the hour*

B Touched Costs Structural Costs Needed

(Business Formation, Michigan Therapy Registration, Service Registry Listing) $ 500 - $ 750

Marketing Costs (T Shirts, Gift Bags, Flyers, Business Cards, Photography, Social Media Commercial) $ 1,000 - $ 2,500

Equipment Costs ( Developmental Costs (Conference attendance, Spa service classes) $1,750 - $ 4,500

Space (Facility Rental, Room Rental, Pop-up Space Rental, Event space)

B Touched Costs Already Spent

Massage Table & Accessories $ 599.99

Massage Classes (3 Weeks 12 hrs) $ 399.99

Build Institute Business Planning Classes (6 Wks 12 hrs) $ 250.00

Accessories (Towels, Oils, Pillows) $ 225.00 – 350.00

TOTAL SPENT TO DATE: $ 1,474.98 ($ 1,599.99)

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