"My birthing experience was nothing I ever imagined. I had a birth plan that went directly out the window when the pain started. My partner shut down. The contractions hurt. Thank God for my support system. I had a few friends that helped me with the birthing process. We listened to music and they kept me calm throughout. I was in labor for 46 hours.

My doula, mama Mayowa, was very well needed and appreciated. She calmed me down with essential oils and breathing techniques that I initially thought were useless. The breathing techniques ended up being very essential to me having a safe delivery.

I am very appreciative of my doula. Without her, I would have been lost. She came to check on me before, during and after the pregnancy.  Thanks to her services and guidance, I have a healthy beautiful baby boy.

Thank you, 

Cukeyra Blackshear" 

Dr. Mayowa Lisa Reynolds is available for all of your doula services in the Metro Detroit area! She also has outsourcing services with other local doulas, as well. Contact us today!

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