It is a privilege to serve you and I will do all I can to help with whatever need you have.   My goal is to help you help yourself thru this process, so we all can grow together.

Clients feel comfortable and understood with me due to my    strong interpersonal skills, and warm and interactive style. 

Servicing your needs is furthering a way of

strengthening my community.

I look forward to working with you

on your important journey.

Marriage/Couples Counseling

    * $115 /  $60 (e-Counseling)


  • 3 month advance payments - 15% off

  • 6 month advance payments - 30% off

  • if choosing eCounseling sessions, services MUST be paid at at least 1month in advance

Marriage/Couples counseling increases self-awareness. It helps you both to understand the negative patterns you may be stuck in, the walls you have built up, as well as to why you built them. You can finally understand why you are so guarded and defensive. Understanding that from an introspective process can be very enlightening. Eventually, you can learn to let your walls down and allow people into your life without fear or judgment.


Signs of relationship issues or weaknesses come in an infinite variety of forms. If these issues or weaknesses are not recognized and addressed, the foundation of your relationship WILL begin to deteriorate. 


These are some common signs that you and your partner should consider relationship counseling:


** Negativity/Shaming


** Not Talking or Fear of Talking  


** Withholding Affection 


** Physical or Emotional Affairs  


** Keeping Secrets 


** Fights or Dishonesty about Money  


** Wishing He/She Would “Just Change”   

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