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Last Minute Doula


minimum of 2hrs

Booking your doula in advance and getting to know her is a HUGE asset. In addition, prenatal visits give SO much value to the client and substantially increase the likelihood of the family feeling confident during their birth and getting the birth they want. In addition, your investment in full doula services goes towards guaranteeing that someone will be on-call and available to you during your birth.

Availability is NOT gauranteed with Last Minute Care, and no back-up doula is gauranteed to be provided. It is possible that your doula will have to leave your birth to go to a reserved-space client’s birth if called, or I might also have other prior commitments.

However, if the idea of full doula support didn’t suit your needs, or if you are changing your mind at the last minute, Last Minute Doula support may be just what you need.


LAST MINUTE Doula Services help you:

    • If you have a last-minute change of birth plans (induction, planned homebirth-turned-hospital birth, etc.)

    • If you have recently relocated to the area

    • If your mom or friend was going to act as additional labor support and turned out to be unavailable, or not the support you were looking for

    • If you aren’t interested in a conventional doula relationship for any reason but still desire continuous labor support

    • If you thought you didn’t want a doula and change your mind in labor

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