It is a privilege to serve you and I will do all I can to help with whatever need you have.   My goal is to help you help yourself thru this process, so we all can grow together.

Clients feel comfortable and understood with me due to my    strong interpersonal skills, and warm and interactive style. 

Servicing your needs is furthering a way of

strengthening my community.

I look forward to working with you

on your important journey.

Family/Mediation Counseling

  *  $135 / $80 (e-Counseling)


  • 3 month advance payments - 15% off

  • 6 month advance payments - 30% off

  • if choosing eCounseling sessions, services MUST be paid at at least 1month in advance

The family unit is the core within our community.  When a family and/or business is healthy and happy, all can seem right in the world.  However, the stresses of modern life, substance abuse issues, family crises, or mental health challenges can threaten ruin to a family unit.  Under these circumstances, even the best families can feel helpless and in need of outside help. 


These are common signs that you and your loved ones should consider family counseling:

Breakdown in Communication:

Poor communication is a common and very difficult family issue.  If family members do not believe they can effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings, they will not feel understood or validated; worse, they will not feel loved or respected, and the foundation needed for a successful relationship will crumble.

Withdrawal From Family Life:

Do one or more family members avoid interactions with the family that they used to participate in regularly?  Do they seem withdrawn when they are around other family members?  If so, the reasons for their withdrawal should be explored as they may reveal a deep-seeded issue that needs to be addressed.

Severe Mental Health or Substance Abuse Issues:

There is perhaps no more difficult family issue than one or more family members struggling with mental illness or addiction.  Because of the closeness of the family unit, one family member’s struggles with these issues has a profound impact on the loved ones around them.  These issues include the extent to which family members can continue to love and support that family member without enabling them to continue destructive behavior patterns.  If you find yourself in this situation, professional assistance is almost always recommended.


You should never have to fear violence from other family members.  Violence is never acceptable and should be addressed immediately, as well as spiritually.

Changes in Children’s Behavior at Home or School:

A child’s declining performance in school or disruptive behavior at home are common sign of troublesome family dynamics.  Unfortunately, children often take the brunt of family dysfunction and are unable to process or deal with the emotions they experience.  In turn, they respond by acting out or withdrawing from activities they previously enjoyed and succeeded at.

Loss or Trauma:

Loss of a loved one and other family crises can take a heavy toll on the family unit.  These events tend to reopen old wounds and expose family weaknesses.  These issues require family members to be empathetic towards their loved ones, which is often difficult to provide when you are trying to cope with that same pain or loss.  In these situations, a professional intermediary can go along way to heading off further complications that tend to arise.




The benefits of family counseling can be great.  You can learn new ways to communicate, to work through problems, to discipline, and to relate to one another.  

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